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There are lots of self-storage companies out there. Many of them all do the same thing, the same way and provide very little actual service to their customer base. At Land Mark Storage Solutions we have developed a complete line of services and solutions to suit your individual storage needs. At Land Mark we put SERVICE to STORAGE. We have adapted our storage business to truly fit the needs of an ever changing market. When we looked at what people actually wanted we were surprised with what we found out. One prime example of this is the fact that small business owners were using self-storage locations as an extension of their own businesses. Photo Place HolderThis was not the surprising aspect; the surprising thing was no one was catering to this demographic. Small businesses owners are the backbone of our economy and they need to be encouraged and supported. At Land Mark we have developed a defined program that promotes the success of the small business owners that are affiliated with us.

One of the biggest complains we heard from self-storage users was the lack of proper inside heated storage. The reality is most self-storage proprietors do not build inside heated units because it is very expensive. Most people just build small, traditional, non-insulated, metal clad outdoor buildings and tell you no matter what you are storing it will be fine in such a unit. This is, in our opinion, the worst advice that you can give someone. Approx. half of the contents in your home should not be stored in an outdoor non heated building. Anyone that tells you antiques, electronics, wood furniture, collectibles, mirrors and a wide variety of other items can be stored in the cold is doing you a disservice. At Land Mark we have built a dedicated indoor, heated, self-storage area that is state of the art. This area alone is over 16,000 sq ft and we can accommodate any size of your self-storage needs.

Storage UnitsSecurity is also a key factor when looking for self-storage. At Land Mark we have taken security to a whole new level. We have a property wide security fence, with a controlled access gate and every square inch of property, inside and out, is monitored by close circuit, infrared high, resolution security cameras. This combined with our specially designed locking systems make it virtually impossible to gain illegal access to your unit. With most of the other facilities out there you know as well as I do it only takes about 5 seconds to cut off a simple traditional lock. At this point you are hoping that the storage facility you have chosen has security cameras.

At Land Mark Storage Solutions we have research and invested in the latest security feature to ensure your property is completely safe. You cannot access this property, legally, without a 4 digit code to open the control access gate. Once inside you are 100% monitored by security cameras and you cannot access any other unit other than your own by way of a specially designed security key. The main inside storage building cannot be accessed after 5pm without the same 4 digit code that is full traceable to a specific tenant. When we say we are the most secure self-storage location in Eastern Ontario……. We mean it! We are not simply a self-storage company. We are a storage solution provider that offers value added services in conjunction with your defined storage needs. Whether you are a business owner that needs space to operate a business from or a large company that needs a warehousing and distribution partner Land Mark will provide you the highest level of service at the most competitive rates.
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