boat and rv

If you need Boat and RV storage this is the place for you. We have a fully fenced in compound with a controlled access gate. Every square inch of this outdoor storage area is light and monitored by closed circuit surveillance cameras. I know it is tempting to just bring your Boat or RV it to that local farmer or that guy who has an open field but you are making a mistake, here is why. You get what you pay for!
Here at Land Mark we have taken the simple art of outdoor storage to a new level. If you choose to store your Boat or RV here you will not only be in the safest and more secure outdoor storage facility in Eastern Ontario but we will inspect it daily to ensure it is completely safe and damage free. Call today for prices.

We will also help you sell your Boat or RV on a consignment bases.
P: 613-475-9060
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